Pug(VUKF007) was born in July 2013 in the Überkatz Mob. Her mother was Tina and her father was an unknown male. Her littermates were Django(VUKM004), VUKM005 and Gymnogene(VUKF006). Only a month after her birth Pug was separated from the rest of the group, but luckily she was discovered and returned safely to the mob. She and the rest of her litter all survived to adulthood. In November 2014 Pug's brother VUKM005 was Last Seen. That same month Pug was evicted for the first time. Instead of rejoining the group she and the other evicted females, including Gymnogene, Sky and Snygging formed a new group.


The Überkatz females joined up with males from the Chalibonkas and formed the Axolotls Mob. Bandersnatch quickly became the dominant male. Pug and Gymnogene both fell pregnant but neither of them or the other females established dominance. In December 2014 Pug aborted her litter. In January 2015 Pug became the dominant female of the group, but she didn't evict the pregnant subordinates. Her sister Gymnogene gave birth but her pups were killed. That same month Pug fell pregnant. She, Sky and Snygging gave birth to a mixed litter of four pups in March 2015. Two of those pups were later predated. Pug gave birth to her first known surviving litter in July 2015. It consisted of VAXP005, VAXP006 and VAXP007. Before the birth of her litter, Pug had evicted all of her sisters from the group and they never returned, leaving her as the only adult female. Pug fell pregnant again in September 2015. Tragically, Pug started showing early signs of TB during the same month along with the two Chalibonkas males. Despite the fact that her illness was getting progressively worse, Pug was able to carry her litter to full term. It consisted of VAXP008, VAXP009, VAXP010 and VAXP011. Pug was Last Seen in January 2016. She probably died soon after. The Axolotis were lost after this.


Überkatz Mob

Axolotls Mob

Tina Sequoia

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