Proteus(VAZF011) was born on November 6, 2008, into the Aztecs. Her mother was Monkulus and her father was an unknown rover, probably Bruce, considering he was seen roving at the Aztecs for months. Proteus had two litter-mates named Lola(VAZF009) and Chaka(VAZM010). Despite the Aztecs being a small mob made up of mostly young meerkats, the three pups managed to survived their first few months. Proteus and her brother and sister survived their first year without much event, other than their mother bearing another litter. In November, 2009, Proteus mated with a rover and became pregnant for the first time at one year of age; however, she was not the only pregnant female in the gang. In January, Proteus gave birth, along with her older cousins Squig and Burdock, but all litters were lost. After this, Proteus started to be evicted from the group by her mother. In the August of 2010, there was a large group split; Proteus was with the splinter and was absent with most of the members. In the following month, all of the splinter group members rejoined the Aztecs, except for Proteus, Squig, Burdock, and Mimi. The females kept reappearing back at the group but were unable to rejoin, all except for Lola. In December, the females vanished from the area and were considered Last Seen.


Aztecs Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

Lola Aztecs

Chaka Aztecs

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