Popple(VWF135) was born on October 14, 2008 in the Whiskers. Her mother was Ella and her father was Thundercat. She had two sisters McGee(VWF130), Enili(VWF133) and three brothers Rozza(VWM131), Gump(VWM132) and Pumplemousse(VWF134). All six survive their first few months. The group was small at the time around fifteen members but the six pups were well looked after. All six pups survived to five months old. Then in March 2009 as the Whiskers were foraging they came face to face with a another mob called the Kung Fu. This group was led by Ella's older brother Ningaloo was the dominant male of the Kung Fu, who was Popple's uncle. The dominante female was Kleintjie, a Gattaca female who helped form the Commandos. Both groups charged each other despite the Kung Fu being much bigger than the Whiskers. The two groups fought for nearly an hour in a huge battle often reteating and grouping before heading another attack. Eventually, Popple's mother Ella decided to retreat and the Whiskers ran away leaving the Kung Fu as the victors. However, Popple and her brother Pumplemousse were seperated from the gang. Sadly, they were lost and they never returned to the Whiskers. It is unknown whatr happened to the two young meerkats. They could have joined a small wild groups or were predated by a predator or most likely killed in the battle against the Kung Fu. They were Last Seen.
Nugget and Popple

Nugget and Popple


Mother: Ella

Father: Thundercat

Sisters: McGee and Enili

Brothers: Rozza, Gump and Pumplemousse.


Whiskers Mob

Pumplemousse Whiskers

McGee Whiskers

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