Pop(VBBF020) was born in the Baobab on September 15, 2008. Her mother was the dominant female Cruise, and her father most likely was Al Pacino, the dominant male at the time. Her litter-mates were Snap(VBBF018), Coco(VBBF021), Toni(VBBM022), and Crackle(VBBM019). A few days after the pups were born Cruise was deposed by her litter-mate sister Hawkeye. Luckily, Pop and her litter-mates were allowed to live under the new dominant female. The whole litter survived to adulthood. Toni and Crackle started to rove while Pop and her litter-mate sisters were evicted after mating with rovers. In late 2009, Pop and other Baobab members were separated from the rest of the Baobab and formed the Urukhai. However, the group rejoined the Baobab in January 2010. Pop, KiangoClaptastic, Snap, and Coco left the group and were Last Seen in March 2010.


Baobab Mob

Cruise Whiskers

Baobab Mob

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