Poma(VZUF007) was born in December 2013 into the Zulus Mob. Her mom was Ocho Niple and her father was most likely Finnlex, the dominant male. When Ocho got pregnant she was the dominant female but she was evicted for two months and then came back and gave birth. Her father then could possibly be a rover. Her litter mates were Gezi(VZUM008), Chapulco(VZUF009), Raki(VZUM010), and Arpat(VZUM011). All of them survived to adulthood. In March of 2014 subordinate female Laurentina gave birth to Tigger, Salsera, Ziggidy, VZUP015 and Wright Soldier. Though Poma and her litter were no longer the youngest since Laurentina was a subordinate female her us were not the priority of the group. But, in May Ocho gave birth to Küçük and VZUM018 so Poma and her siblings were really now not the priority of the group anymore. Until December of 2015 nothing of note happened to her. She never got pregnant, was evicted or was absent. But in December she Ocho, Gobolino, Caleb, Flammkuchen, Pi, Aprat, Paikea, VZUM024 and VZUM025 split from the main group and were absent. They returned in January but in February there was another group split and the two halves never rejoined. All of the meerkats in the other half of the Zulus, including her mother, were Last Seen. In March she took dominance but she had no dominant male alongside her. At this point, she was now the only remaining meerkat from her litter as her sister, Chapulco, died in this month. After this, the group began to dwindle. They went from having 13 members in March to having only three in October. It was just her, Ziggidy and Palestrina. However, in this month, Palestrina finally assumed dominance. She had her first litter in December 2016, only one pup, VZU?026 emerged. In March 2017, she gave birth again to VZUP028, VZUP029, VZUP030, and VZUP031. Despite her only subordinate female, Ziggidy being evicted for most of the month, all but one of the pups, VZUP031, survived its first few month. Poma is still alive and the dominant female of the Zulus today.

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