The Polaris Mob was a short lived group formed by one Hoax male and four wild meerkats in late 2007. The dominant pair originally was Capella and Achernar, but the ex-dominant male of the Hoax, Carravagio, ousted the dominant male Achernar and became the dominant male. The Hoax male was the only habituated animal within the group, and after he was found dead the Polaris could not be located and was lost.

Dominant Pair

At the start the Polaris mob consisted of two females, two males and an unknown gender meerkat. Capella assumed the role of dominant female without much trouble. However, male dominance was fought over by Carravagio and wild male Achernar. First Achernar became the dominant male but, was soon overthrown by Carravagio who was the ex-dominant male of the Hoax. After Carravagio was found dead the group was no longer followed, mostly Achernar became the dominant male.

All Known Members

Carravagio (VHXM001)

Capella (VPSF001)

Achernar (VPSM002)

Antares (VPS?003)

Sirius (VPSF004)





November 2007: Carravagio joined Capella, Sirius, Achernar and Antares. Carravagio overthrew Achernar. Capella and Carravagio became the dominant pair.

December 2007: Habituation started, Carravagio was collared being the only habituated animal.

Janaury - March 2008: Either Capella or Sirius gave birth to three pups, below the Pharside dune.

April 2008: Carravagio was found dead. The Polaris could not be located and was lost.

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