Piripicchio Drie Doring
Drie Doring and Wild
Formerly of the Drie Doring and wild mob
Date of Birth
February 23, 2005
Date of Death
February 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Mabili and unknown
Clarabella and Ciancica
Unknown wild female
Known For
Dominant Male of Drie Doring and a wild group

Piripicchio(VDM104) was born into the Drie Doring Mob on February 23, 2005. His mother was Mabili and his father was unknwon possibly Osprey from the Lazuli who had joined the group. Piripicchio was born with two litter-mates, a sister named Clarabella(VDF103) and a brother named Ciancica(VDM105). They probably were Mabili's last surviving litter ever. In Janaury 2006, Mabili died leaving her daughter Makonkie as the new dominant female beside Ospray, however Osprey died in 2007. Piripicchio was the oldest male in the group, so he took over as the new dominant male. His sister Clarabella mated around the same time and gave birth to Finn MaCool, The Pooka McPhelimy, Mollybloom and Dark Rosaleen on April 11, 2006. Makonkie gave birth to many pups but allowed Clarabella's litter to live. Piripicchio's brother Ciancica disappeared in mid 2007 along with The Pooka McPhelimy and were consistered Last Seen. Clarabella was evicted and disappeared in January 2008 and disappated. Piripicchio remained the dominant male till he took to rovingin November 2007. Piripicchio disappeared and was consistered Last Seen. However he reappeared later on near the JaXX in Febraury of 2009. He was the dominant male of a wild group but soon after started showing up at the JaXX as a rover, suggesting the wild dominant female by his side had died, leaving his daughter as the new dominant female. He hasn't been seen since early 2009.


Drie Doring Mob

Clarabella Drie Doring

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