(VKUF015) was born on November 8, 2008 in the Kung Fu. Her mother was Kleintjie and her father was Ningaloo. Her litter-mates were Princessco(VKUF013), Maroon(VKUM014), Beej(VKUM016), Bean(VKUF017) and Oiley Doyley(VKUM018) and Littl'un(VKUF019). Thus large litter of seven boosted the Kung Fu's numbers and despite the fact that the group had few adults, all seven pups survived to adulthood. Pilko badysat her mother's pups and took sentry duties. Kleintjie often evicted the ealdest females from the group. In June 2010, Pilko, Bean and McDreamy went roving at Aztecs, Pilko and Bean return to the group, but McDreamy while returned to the group a month later. In November 2010, Piko was seen mating with Grigio, an ex Rascals male who was living in Ewoks at the time. She did not get pregnent Though her younger sister Spektor mated with a rover in early 2011 and produced the first grandchildren of the Kung Fu. Pilko got pregnent around that time along with Slyder. They gave birth around the same time to a mixed litter of four pups in April 2011, however both females were evicted from the group. The pups were VKUM053, VKUP054, VKUP055, VKUM056, VKUP057 and VKUP058 and all the pups survived despite the fact that Piklo and Slyder were evicted and absent. Both females rejoined the group in the following month. In July her brother Maroon was hit by a car and died along with their younger brothers Iceman and Stumpy while roving. In September 2011, Pilko was hit by a car on the main road and died. Shortly after in November Bean also died leaving Litt'um and Oiley Doyley as the last of Pilko's litter-mates in the Kung Fu.


Kung Fu Mob

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