Young Ones

Piglet(VYF0011) was born on February 26, 1997 in the Young Ones. Her mother was Morgause and her father was Keros. Her kitter-mates were her two sisters Pooh(VYF012) and Roo(VYF013) and two brothers Eeyore(VYM014) and VYM015. They were the fourth litter born on the Young Ones. Sadly VYM15 was predated on October 18, 1997. Piglet, her two sisters and one brother survived to adulthood. Piglet started babysitting, keep sentry and started being evicted by her mother. In April 1998 Piglet was evicted along with Holly, Brambles, and VYF010. They did not rejoined the Young Ones but instead joined two rovers from the Lazuli and one wild male and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Whiskers Mob. The males were Argon and Delpheus from the Lazuli and wild male Beetle. Holly became the dominant female with Lauzli male Argon. On November 26, 1998 Holly dominant female gave birth but her litter was killed by pregnant Piglet. On November 28, 1998 Piglet gave birth to Lancelot, Jean-Luc, Aphrodite and Artemis.  Her four pups survived to adulthood. Piglet remained in the Whiskers for almost two years before she was evicted along with her sister Brambles and her nieces Mufassa, Rafiki, and Risca. All females but Risca disappeared most likely joined by wild males. Piglet was Last Seen on September 13, 1999.


Mother: Morgause

Father: Keros

Sisters: Pooh and Roo

Brothers: Eeyore and VYM015

Mate: Unknown

Children: Lancelot, Artemis, Jean-Luc and Aramis


Young Ones Mob

Whiskers Mob

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