Pi(VZUM006) was born into the very wild Zulus Mob. His parents and birth date are currently unknown due to how wild his mob was when it was found. He is known to be a very avid rover often several times a months. In June 2016 he and his younger brothers, Küçük, left the group to rove. They found a group that was quickly dwindling and low on males.


The Quintessentials were running low on members due to TB. Pi went roving once and at the end of the month, he was absent with Bridget and Heatherleigh. In July the trio was last seen.


In October of 2016, the three were found the group was named the Make-e-Plan. Pi took dominance next to Quintessentials born Bridget. In January 2017, Bridget gave birth to VMPF003, VMP?004, VMP?005, VMPF006, and VMP?007. He is suspected to be the father of this litter since he and Bridget are the dominant pair. Pi is still alive as the dominant male of the Make-e-Plan.

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