Phoenix Frisky


Date of Birth
August 18, 2008
Date of Death
November 2010
Cause of Death
Known For
A Frisky rover

Phoenix(VFM145) was born in the Frisky mob on August 18, 2008. His mother was Bootle, and his father was Gazebo, the dominant couple at the time. Phoenix was born in a litter of four pups; his three litter-mates were his one brother named Zoltan(VFM146) and two sisters named Athena(VFF144) and Savannah(VFF147). All four pups survived their first three weeks and emerged for the first time, but they were unable to go out foraging with the adults till they were four weeks old. Since his mother was the dominant female of the group, Phoenix and his litter-mates were well looked after. The Frisky were a small group. In January, Phoenix's puphood came to an end when his mother Bootle gave birth to another litter. By then Phoenix and his siblings were five months old. In April 2009, Savannah was sadly predated. Phoenix and his brother Zoltan and sister Athena survived through their first year. Phoenix started to help out with babysitting when Bootle gave birth in September 2009. Phoenix soon started to take to roving. He first went roving in October 2009. In February 2010, Bootle died and his older sister Quaver took over dominance. Phoenix and Zoltan started to spend more time roving and often visiting the Drie Doring with their older brother Black Jack and uncle Bramley. After Bootle died, Gazebo start to rove with his sons. Disease started to infect the group in late 2010. Sadly in November 2010, Phoenix died after suffering from injuries from a porcupine.


Mother: Bootle

Father: Gazebo

Brother: Zoltan

Sister: Athena and Savannah


Frisky Mob

Bootle Frisky

Gazebo Drie Doring

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