Young Ones

Phalanges Paah (VYF112) was born in the Young Ones Mob on March 19, 2004. One of her litter-mates was Habusu. After Morause died, Veda took the position of the dominant female even though Asterix was older. Veda gave birth to three pups then died so Asterix took dominance. Then two rovers named Alexander and Einstein joined the group, Alexander took dominance. Phalanges Paah stayed in the group til mid 2006 when she was evicted along with Tequila and her son Shady. They left the group.


Phalanges Paah, Tequila and Shady joined three Lazuli rovered and formed the PQ Mob. The Lazuli males were JD, Shoy and Wawa of the Lazuli. JD and Tequila took dominance of the group. Sadly TB killed Phalanges Paah on September 11, 2006. Wawa soon died after so JD, Shoy and Shade left and Tequila joined the Balrog.


Young Ones Mob

PQ Mob

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