Pepper Van Helsing


Formally of the Pandora
Date of Birth
November 6, 2008.
Date of Death
September 2013
Cause of Death
Last seen
Flo and Titan
Snowflake and Toblerone
Known For
Last pup of Flo
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Pandora

Van Helsing

Pepper (VVHM017)
Cecil and Pepper

Cecil and Pepper

was born into the Van Helsing Mob on November 6, 2008. His mother was Flo and his father was Titan. His litter-mates are Emma(VVHF015) and Cecil(VVHM016). All three pups survived to adulthood. Pepper started helping out around the mob by babysitting and taking sentry duties. He also started to rove with the other males. Pepper's sister Emma disappeared in June 2010 with another Van helsing female named Dominique. Pepper stayed in the group for another year Then, he went roving along with his brother Cecil, cousins Krueger and Manson and younger brother Jizzle. They went roving at the Aztecs where they located three evicted females.


The males were able to lure the females away from the Aztecs and formed the Pandora Mob. One of the oldest female named Snowflake quickly took female dominance. Pepper and his brother Cecil were the oldest of the males and at first it seem Pepper would take dominance bevcause he brother went roivng that month the mob was established. However Pepper started to rove with the other males and didn't seem interested in the dominant male position. Snowflake mated with one of the males, and gave birth, but the litter was lost. Within the following months the males kept roving and two more Aztec females joined the group but soon left to rejoin the Aztecs again. Things looked bad for the Pandora when all the subordinate members but Snowflake were absent and there was still no dominant male. Then finally in November Pepper started to take an interest in dominance and became the dominant male without much difficulty. In ealry 2012, Snowflake was ousted by her sister Toblerone who became the new dominant female and Pepper's new mate. However she was already pregnant when she took dominance so it is unlikely that Pepper father her litter. Toblerone gave birth in February and a month later Snowflake and Mollie gave birth, it is unknown if Pepper fathered any of the pups. All but two of the pups named Diablotin and Lutin, died. However Pepper probably wasn't the father of these tow pups. In September 2012, Toblerone birth three more pups named Shoshonna, Shlameasa and Shlamuassal. Pepper was most probably the father of this litter. In December one of the pups was lost and all the suborinate Van Helsing males except for Cecil had left the group and disappeared. With five adults and two pups in the group, the Pandora was very small, however they managed to hang in there. In August Toblerone was pregnant again however Pepper went missing and was sadly Last Seen in August 2013. Pepper had been the dominant male of the Pandora for almost two years.


Van Helsing Mob

Pandora Mob

Snowflake Aztecs

Toblerone Aztecs

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