Penfold Elveera

Penfold being weighted

was born in the Elveera on March 10, 2004. His mother was Sexy Scurrie, and his father was an unknown rover. He was born with one litter-mate sister named Pinky(VEF0??). Despite the fact that they were born to a subordinate female, Penfold and his litter were allowed to remain in the mob. Penfold and his sister survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. A few month later Sex Scurrie as evicted by the dominant female Eleusine in October 2004. She and two other females would later be found in a group a few months later that would be called the Nomads. Penfold and his sister Pinky survived to adulthood. Penfold started to rove and disappeared in a large group lead by Dante after the death of Eleusine. He was last Seen on Janaury 15, 2006.


Elveera Mob

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