Passionate Peach(VJXM071) was born in September 2013 into the JaXX.  His mother was Diana and his father was an unknown male. His litter-mates were VJXF067, Lavascious Lemon(VJX068), Sulty Strawberry(VJXM069) and VJXF070. Sadly Passionate Peach's two sisters, VJXF067 and VJXF070, were both evicted and Last Seen in early 2014. In April 2014 Passionate Peach went roving for the first time. A few months after that his two remaining litter-mates, Lavascious Lemon and Sulty Strawberry, also took to roving. Lavascious Lemon went roving and was Last Seen in July 2014. Sulty Strawberry was then Last Seen only a month later, leaving Passionate Peach as the sole survivor of the litter. Passionate Peach survived to adulthood and continued roving. In March 2015 he left the JaXX to go roving again and did not return to the group, he was considered Last Seen.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

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