Papsicol(VBBM074) was born in September 5-6, 2011 in the Baobab Mob. His mother was either Cruise or Spatula and his father was an unknown male. Papsicol's litter-mates were Leon(VBBM073), Jay-B(VBBM075), Uter Pendragon(VBBM076), Dexter Morgan(VBBM078) and Matilda(VBBF077). Sadly, in November 2011, Leon was predated. In March, 2012, the Baobab divided into two groups. Papsicol's brothers, Jay-B and Uter Pendragon, were separated from the rest of the litter. However, they all returned safely the next month. In July, 2012, Jay-B went roving for the first time, even though he had not reached maturity. In September, 2012, Papsicol and his surviving litter-mates reached maturity. Papsicol has not yet gone roving. In October 2013, Papsicol started roving for the first time. He stayed in the Baobab for almost a year after this before beng Last Seen in September 2014.


Baobab Mob

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