Papsicol(VBBM074) was born on September 5-6, 2011, into the Baobab. His mother was either Cruise or Spatula, and his father was an unknown male. Papsicol's littermates Leon(VBBM073), Jay-B(VBBM075), Uter Pendragon(VBBM076), Dexter Morgan(VBBM078), and Matilda(VBBF077). Sadly, in November 2011, Leon was predated. In March 2012, the Baobab divided into two groups. Papsicol's brothers, Jay-B and Uter Pendragon, were separated from the rest of the litter; however, they all returned safely the next month. In September 2012, Papsicol and his surviving littermates reached maturity. In October 2013, Papsicol started roving for the first time. He stayed in the Baobab for almost a year after this before being Last Seen in September 2014.


Baobab Mob

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