Pancake(VGZF007) was First Seen in October 2010 in the Godzilla Mob. At the time the group started to be followed, it was unknown who was the domiant female and male. Females were being evicted but it was unknown who was doing the evictions because the group was still very wild. Some females became pregnant but aborted or lost their litters till finally one of the pregnant females VGZF001 gave birth to three pups in Janaury 2011. It was unclear if she was the dominant female till she was evicted. In April 2011 another unknown female gave birth to a litter of pups, this may have been Pancake. In August 2011, five females were evicted from the group that later formed the Yardies. It was discovered that VGZF001 was not the dominant female. In November three subordinate females were pregnant and an unknown female gave birth in Janaury 2012. VGZF006 was predated in that same month. In February 2012 it was discovered that Pancake was the dominant female, and a male named Fantastic Mr. Fox was the dominant male. It was unclear if the pups were Pancake's. In early 2012 the first signs of disease were clear in the mob and three members soon died. In June three Toyota males, that were in the Yardies, joined the group, the oldest Rafola became the new dominant male, suggessing that Fantastic Mr. Fox was a natal-dominant male possibly Pancake's brother. Her reign came to an end when she succumbed TB in July 2012. Within a month of her death, the remaining members left the group or disappeared and the Godzilla were lost.


Godzilla Mob