Pai Mei Kung Fu

Pai Mei Kung Fu

Date of Birth
August 22, 2008
Date of Death
December 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Klientjie and Ningaloo
Dragon's Fist, Eagle's Claw and Tiger's Paw
Known For
An Ewoks founder
Also Known As
Formerly was named Pai

Kung Fu

Pai Mei(VKUF012) was born in the Kung Fu Mob on August 22, 2008. Her mother was Kleintjie and her father was Ningaloo. Her sisters were Eagle's Claw(VKUF009), Tiger's Paw(VKUF008) and Dragon's Fist(VKUF011). All four females survived to adulthood. As adults the females started babysitting and takign sentry. Tiger's Paw disappeared. Pai Mei and her two remaining sisters were evicted with thier cousin and younger sister.


The females stay together and joined two Rascals and two wild males. They stayed together and formed a new gorup called the Ewoks. Her older cousin McDreamy assumed female dominance. The next month Tigi became the dominant male. McDreamy evicted Pai Mei along with Dragon's Fist, Eagle's Claw and Princessco. The females disappeared and were Last Seen in December 2010. It is unknown what happened to Pai Mei.


Kung Fu Mob

Tiger's Paw Kung Fu

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