Pachamanca Frisky


was born in the Frisky on November 4, 2008. Her mother was the dominant female Bootle and her father was dominant male Gazebo. Pachamanaca was born in the litter of four with three litter-mate sisters VFF149, Kuna Yala(VFF150) and Tepezcuintle(VFF151). The four sisters survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adult. Bootle started to show signs of bing pregnant just a month after Pachamanca was born and gave birth to a new litter in Janaury 2009 to a new litter. In April 2009 an older sister Savannah and Pachamanca litter-mate sister VFF149 disappeared. Pachamanca and her two remaining sisters survived through their first year and soon started to babysit the pups Bootle gave birth to in December 2009. Her mother Bootle died in February 2010 and her older sister Quaver claimed dominance. Her sister Tepezcuintle disappeared in April 2010.


Frisky Mob

Bootle Frisky

Tepezcuintle Frisky

Kuna Yala Frisky

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