PQ Mob
Date of Formation
Tequila, Shady, JD, Shoy, Phalanges Paah and Wawa
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)

The PQ Mob was formed by two evicted Young Ones females along with one male pup and three Lazuli males. After the group settled the dominant positions, bad luck struck the group when two members died of disease. The Lazuli males didn't stay long with the last female and left to form the Starsky with the Young ones pup. The group was considered lost. The last female managed to join the Balrog Mob and with no members in the group the PQ Mob was lost.

Dominant Pair

JD took the position of dominant male right away along with Tequilla as the dominant female. After the Lazuli males left the group there was no more dominant males. Tequilla joined the Balrog and with no other meerkats in the group the PQ was lost.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the PQ.


Tequila (VYF115)

JD (VLM073)

Phalanges Paah (VYF112)

Shoy (VLM099)

Shady (VYM134)

Wawa (VLM098)


June 2006: Tequilla, Phalanges Pash and Shady left the Young Ones.

July 2006: Tequilla, Phalanges Pash and Shady teamed up with JD, Wawa and Shoy to form PQ. Tequilla and JD took dominance.

August 2006: Wawa died. JD, Shoy and Shady left to form Starsky.

September 2006: Phalanges Pash died. Tepuilla dissapeared. PQ was lost.


The PQ never established a territory of their own but they remain in-between the Young Ones, Lazuli and Whiskers.

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