Oskar(VEM139) was born in November 2008 into the Elveera. His mother was Jo Jo Hello and his father was most likely Teabag. Oskar was born into a litter of three; his litter-mates were Winnie(VEM137) and Mika(VEM138). The pups survived their first few critical weeks of life. Sadly, the group was hit with TB in early 2009. Oskar, Winnie, their mother Jo Jo Hello, and many other Elveera meerkats died of the disease within the first half of the year. Oskar's brother Mika and possible father Teabag didn't succumb to TB until August 2009. That same month the group was sadly lost.


Elveera Mob

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

Teabag Young Ones

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