Orpheus(VEKM034) was born in the Ewoks in Demember 2014. His mother was McDreamy and his father was most likely Tigi the dominant male. Orpheus was born with no litter-mates and was the only pup in the group at the time so he was the main focus of the mob until Febraury when his mother gave birth to a new litter. Orpheus lived a rather uneventful life until around his first birthday when he and several other meerkats slit off from the main group and were absent at the end of the month. In Janaury 2016 the spliter group meerkats rejoined the main group however that same month McDreamy died leaving Edzna in charge of the group. In Febaury Tigi and several of the adult males left the group to go roving and a group of JaXX males joined the group. Orpheus is still alive in the Ewoks today.


Ewoks Mob

McDreamy Kung Fu

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