Olly(VGGF024) was born in the Gattaca on July 4, 2005. Her mother was Gringo. Her litter-mates were hert wo brohters Hugo(VGGM025), Flint(VGGM026) and one sister Amelie(VGGF027). They survived their first few weeks. The Gattaca was a small group due to the dominant female Risca, their grandmother, who wasn't very productive. Gringo brought the numbers up by four. Olly's mother was evicted and died onDecember 13, 2006 a year before the Gattaca died out. Olly was Last Seen when the Gattaca disappeared.


Mother: Gringo

Father: Rover

Sister: Amelie

Brothers: Hugo and Flint


Gattaca Mob

Gringo Gattaca

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