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Ole(VJXM021) was born on December 13, 2009, in the JaXX. His mother was Diana, the dominant female, and his father was most likely a wild rover. He had two litter-mate brothers named Lebowski(VJXM023) and VJXM025 and three sisters named Frau Verbissener(VJXF026), Lena(VJXF022), and VJXF024. In February 2010, VJXM025 was predated, and then Ole's sister VJXF024 also was predated in March. The rest of Ole's litter survived, but Frau Verbissener disappeared in mid 2010. Diana gave birth to a new litter in August, nine months after Ole's litter. However, Ole was still too young to help out much with his new younger siblings. Ole and his brother Lebowski and sister Lena survived to adulthood. Lebowski was the first of the two males to start to rove. Diana evicted Ole's sister Lena when she became pregnant and aborted her litter. Ole started to rove with the other adult males. He remained in the group for a year and a half.


In July 2011, Ole joined the Toyota along with Twix, Snickers, and Rococo. Male dominance was taken by Rococo; however, Snickers ousted him a month later. Ole stayed in the the Toyota for a year, spending a lot of time roving. Disease had been in the Toyota for a year and a half; it had claimed the previous dominant pair and a subordinate female before Ole and his older brothers joined the group. The dominant female Hoodwink soon died, leaving Chimp as the new dominant female; she gave birth to one litter in January 2012 before dying in March along with her sister Peanut. A second bout killed Twix, Snickers, Ole, and Nabby in June 2012.


JaXX Mob

Toyota Mob

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