Ocho Niple Zulus

Ocho niple by Hector Ruiz

Formerly of the Zulus
Date of Birth
First Seen on April 10, 2010
Date of Death
February 2016
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Born with eight nipples
Also Known As
First known Dominant Female of Zulus

Ocho Niple(VZUF001) was First Seen on April 10, 2010, in a wild group known as the Zulus. The group was encountered in late 2009 but not followed until 2010. It's presumed that Ocho Niple was born into Zulus, though her date of birth and parentage were unknown. Upon the group's discovery researchers couldn't determine who the dominant couple were. A long-lost Lazuli male named Shaka Zulu had joined the group and became the dominant male in July 201, but it wasn't until October 2010 that Ocho Niple was confirmed to be the dominant female. The wildness of group made it hard for researchers to mark and identify members, but Ocho Niple could be identified by her eight, instead of six, nipples. In November 2010, she gave birth to her first known litter of three pups. In January 2011, she gave birth again to another three pups. Ocho Niple was pregnant in August 2011, but lost her litter in September. Ocho Niple was pregnant again in November; however, there was no records of her litter in the following month. Most likely she aborted the litter due to the drought. Ocho Niple did not get pregnant again until October 2012; she gave birth to two pups in November. In April 2013, Shaka Zulu died from a snake bite, leaving the mob without a dominant male. In September 2013, seven Lazuli males joined the group. That same month, Ocho Niple was evicted from her group by an unknown female, leaving the dominant female position in question. Ocho Niple was evicted again and overthrown a month later by VZUF003. Ocho Niple disappeared for the rest of that month, but she returned to Zulus in December 2013 after being mistaken for a semi-habituated female that had also been previously evicted. Ocho Niple overthrew and evicted VZUF003 to regain dominance of the group. In 2014, Ocho Niple fell pregnant five times; two of those times she carried her litters to full-term. She gave birth to Küçük(VZUM017) and VZUM018 in May 2014 and Paikea(VZUM019), Omar(VZUM020), Vishnu(VZUF021), and Feijão(VZUM022) in October 2014. She gave birth again in January 2014, but her litter was killed, presumably by Laurentina, who was also pregnant. Ocho Niple lost another litter in June 2015, but in September 2015 she managed to successfully give birth once again to VZUP023, VZUP024, and VZUP025. Ocho Niple became pregnant one more time, but aborted. She was Last Seen in February 2016 after being absent at the end of the month. Puma became the new dominant female.


Zulus Mob

Shaka Zulu Lazuli

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