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The Nutters Mob was a wild group of meerkats first seen in August of 2007. In November, habituation started on the group. Over the next year, habituation went well but the group members never got names, only code names. During the late 2008 season, disease hit the group. The group was not followed after this. It is believed that five evicted Nutters females started the Hoppla Mob with five Lazuli males, if the females hadn't died of disease.

Alpha Pair Edit

The group was lead by VNTF001 and VNTM002, but since the group was never habituated.

All Known Members Edit

VNTF001 - Dominant Female

VNTM002 - Dominant Male












VNTP014(mother is VNTF001)

VNTP015(mother is VNTF001)

VNTP016(mother is VNTF001)

VNTP017(mother is VNTF001, died as a pup)







VNTP024(died as a pup)

Rival Mobs Edit

They're main rivals were the Lazuli and their other rivals were the Aztecs.

History Edit

August 2007: Group was First Seen.

January 2008: The group has 16 members, there are unknown number of pups. Logan and Philleppe visited once.

February 2008: 19 members, seven pups. Three females were now pregnant after mating with Logan and Philleppe.

March 2008: It was discovered VNTF001 and VNTM002 are the dominant pair. VNTF001 lost her litter. One encounter with Lazuli mob.

Arpil 2008: VNTP017 was predated and one adult went missing. One encounter with Lazuli.

May 2008: 21 members, one of the females gave birth. VNTP021 was predated.

June 2008: J. Alfred Prufruck, Thundercat, Bernard, Shaka Zulu, Bosh and Bash visited once and one encounter with Aztecs.

July 2008: An unknown male visited once.

August 2008: The Nutters have been a KPM group for a year. 19 members, some meerkats are missing.

September 2008: 19 members. Missing meerkats were Last Seen.

October 2008: 19 members. Nothing else.

November 2008: Group was Last Seen due to poor habituation.

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