Year 1999: Cascade, Sparkle, Rosemary and Imogen were expelled from the Vivian and joined four explorers called the Young Ones Morris, Dumik and VYM018. Four wild males VNNM001, VNNM002, VNNM004 VNNM003 and joined the group and drove the Young Ones males. Morris, VYM018 Dumik and left the group to form the X-iles. Rosemary and Imogen were expelled from the group.

November 1999: The Nemesis group was not followed. Cascade, Sparkle and the rest of the Nemesis were last seen.

June 2001: Rosemary and Imogen were seen trying to join the Balrog, but were expelled. They disappeared along with some browsers Balrog. The Nemesis is lost forever.

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