Nathalie(VEF133) was born on April 3, 2008 in the Elveera Mob. Her mother was Jo Jo Hello, however her father was never comfirmed. Her litter-mates were her one brother named James Bond(VEM131) and one sister named Vidy(VEF132). The three pups survived to adutlhood. Nathalie started caring for her mother's pups while James Bond started to rove. Nathalie mated with one of the many rovers who visited the Elveera. She may have mated with Rhogan Josh who visited the Elveera in February 2009 around the time she got pregnant. In May 2009, she gave birth to VEM145, VEP146 and VEP147. Sadly the next month VEP146 and VEP147 were predated. Only her of her pups survived and this was the last litter ever born in the Elveera. Jo Jo Hello died in June 2009 of disease and Chibuku Scub became the new dominant female. However TB hit the group and many members splintered into smaller groups, each with at least on pregnant female. The remaining members Chibuku Scub, Teabag, Vidy and Mika died of TB. Nathalie was Last Seen in August 2009. It is unknow if her son had slintered in the same group as her.


Mother: Jo Jo Hello

Father: Habusu or Teabag

Sister: Vidy

Brother: James Bond

Mate: Unknown

Children: VEM145, VEP146 and VEP147


Elveera Mob

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