Nataka(VVZ?006) was born into the Zappa Mob sometime in September, 2002. Nakata's parents were the dominant couple of the group at the time; Bettik and Mack. Nataka had four littermates, including Baribi(VZZF005), Tatu(VVZF007) and Tucker(VZZM008). Unfortunately, Nataka only survived for a little over a year. Nataka was Last Seen in October, 2003. Baribi was also Last Seen, but the date and cause of her disappearence remains a mystery. The rest of the litter lasted longer; Tatu was Last Seen after being evicted in March, 2004 and Tucker didn't disappear until November, 2004.


Mother: Bettik

Father: Mack

Sisters: Baribi and Tatu

Brother: Tucker


Zappa Mob

Bettik Elveera

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