Nanageddon Whiskers


Date of Birth
October 30, 2010
Date of Death
March 2011
Cause of Death
Known For
Treva The Renewer's sister
Also Known As
Ernesto's sister

Nanageddon(VWF160) was born in the Whiskers Mob on October 30, 2010. Her mother was Ella and her father was Thundercat, the dominant couple at the time. Nangeddon was born in an average litter of four, her litter-mates conisted of her two brothers named Madiba(VWM158) and Ernesto(VWM159) and her one sister named Treva The Renewer(VWF161). They were Ella's ninth litter ever born in the Whiskers. All four pups survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adulf. The Whiskers were a large mob so the pups had a good chance at survival, however one in four chance that Nanageddon or her siblings would survive to adulthood. Since their mother was the dominant female of the group, the entire mob helped looked after the pups and Nanageddon grew fast. At three months of age Nanageddon's puphood came to an end when Ella gave birth to a new litter in Janaury 2011. By then Nanageddon and her brothers and sister were old enough to take care of themselves yet not old enough to help their mother out with the new pups. Nagageddon was expected to fend for herself now. In April 2011 Ella gave birth to another new litter or four pups. Nanageddon still wasn't old enough to babysit or help care for the pups much. Sadly the following month in May 2011 Nanageddon was predated at seven months old.


Whiskers Mob

Ernesto Whiskers

Treva The Renewer Whiskers

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