Naboo(VZZM051) was born on February 24, 2006, in the Zappa. His mother was the dominant female Ermintrude, and his father was the dominant male Glufs. His litter-mates were Endor(VZZM053) and Tatooine(VZZF052). He and his littermates survived to adulthood. His mother Ermintrude sadly died on March 30, 2006. Endor went roving with some other males and was Last Seen on March 29, 2007. Naboo went roving with Scallywag, Shadowflax, and Dirty Harry. He was Last Seen two months later on July 16, 2007. His sister Tatoonie lived on to have one litter but she soon disappeared.


Zappa Mob

Ermintrude Zappa

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