Mymble Sentinel


Mymble(VMMF016) was born on January 6, 2004 in the Moomins. Her mother was Grumpy and her father was Burgan, they were the dominant pair of the Moomins. Mymble had one sister Misable(VMMF017) and two brothers named Grandpa Grumble(VMMM015) and Toft(VMMM018). The four pups survived to adulthood and lived in the Moomins for three years. On June 22, 2007, Mymble's father died and Toft took over as the new dominant male. A month later her brother Grandpa Grumble disappeared. On July 27, 2007 Mymble disappeared in a lagre splinter group and was Last Seen. She was the oldest female in the splinter so she may have taken dominance. Misable was the last one of their litter in the mob, but in March 2009 she disappeared.


Moomins Mob

Frida Moomins

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