Mumbulu Baobab
Formerly of the Mayans
Date of Birth
January 25, 2008
Date of Death
May 2014
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
One of Baobab's Biggest Rovers
Also Known As
Third dominant male of the Mayans


Mumbulu(VBBM004) was born on January 25, 2008 in the Baobab Mob. His mother was Hawkeye and his father was Al Pacino, the dominant couple of the Baobab at the time. He was born in a litter of six, his five litter-mates were his one brother named Kiboko(VBBM006) and four sisters named Kiango(VBBF005), Njovu(VBBF007), Zikomo(VBBF008) and Kaya Mawa(VBBF009). The Baobab was a newly established mob with only seven adults, however all six pups survived their first few months. In July 2008 there was a group split, Mumbulu stayed in the main group with his parents while his sister Kaya Mawa was in the splinter group. The two halves quickly reunited. Mumbulu and his littermates all survived to adulthood. In March 2009 Mumbulu's sisters Kiango, Njovu and Kaya Mawa and a cousin named She-Ra gave birth to a large mixed litter, however none of the pups survived. In July 2009 Mumbulu went roving for the first time. He became a regular rover after that. In late 2009 Mumbulu's sisters Njovu and Kaya Mawa were evicted and disappeared. Soon after there was another group split that gave rise to the short-lived Urukhai Mob, his sister Kiango was in the splinter group. However in early 2010 the Urukhai meerkats rejoined the Baobab and Mumbulu was reunited with his sister. At this time Mumbulu and his brother Kiboko were two of the main rovers in the Baobab. The often appeared at the nearby Aztecs and Moomins, however it is unknown if they fathered any pups. In Mach 2010 Kiango disappeared with several younger females. Then sadly in April Mumbulu's mother Hawkeye was hit by a car and died. Mumbulu's aunt Cruise became the next dominant female. By then Mumbulu's uncle Al Catraz had left the group making Mumbulu and his brother Kiboko the oldest subordinate males in the Baobab. Mumbulu's last sister Zikomo was evicted and left the group with a large number of younger females, leaving Mumbulu and Kiboko as the last of their litter. In July 2013 Mumbulu left his group with three other Baobab males.


Mumbulu and the three roving males joined the Mayans.The Mayans' dominant male Candy Flip was kicked out of the mob by the Baobab males and was Last Seen that month. Mumbulu established himself as the new dominant male alongside his relative Scrooge. However Scrooge was found dead in November 2013, leaving the dominant female position to her mother, Monkulus. Sadly, Monkulus disappeared in the following month. The last Aztecs' and only adult female still in the group named Cinnamon took up dominance. By that time, male dominance in the group was unclear. Gizmo became the dominant male by Cinnamon's side in January 2014, while Mumbulu spent most of his time roving. In May 2014 Cinnamon also died. That same month Mumbulu left on a roving trip and was sadly Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

Mayans Mob

Hawkeye Whiskers

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