Mr. Wendell(VGGM068) was born or First Seen on March 4, 2002 as a young male on the Gattaca mob. Not much is known about this Gattaca meerkat or if he was even born in the group. He most likely joined the Gattaca by encountering the males while roving and coming back with them. A month before the former dominant female Wahine was predated on February 15, 2002; leaving the last female Risca as the new dominant female and the sole adult female in the group. The Gattaca was a young group conisiting of one adult female; four adult males StinkerIzitVervain and DeeJay from the Vivian; and Wahine's pups BuckBeakMad Eye MoodySeverus Snape, and Sirius Black. Stinker had taken dominance from his son Izit a month before. Mr. Wendell stayed with the Gattaca, few pups were born to the small group, leaving much time open for roving. In late 2002 Mr. Wendell went roving and visited the Whiskers where he managed to mate with Flower the dominant female.The top males Zaphod and Yossarian were fighting for dominance at the time so Flower was left unattended. On January 24, 2003 Flower gave birth to Pookie, Cookie and Sookie fathered by Mr. Wendell. Soon after Mr. Wendell died or disappeared on March 16, 2003.


Gattaca Mob

Sookie Whiskers

Pookie Whiskers

Cookie Whiskers

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