Mr. Ben(VZZM0??) was born February 3, 2002 in the Zappa. His mother was a subordinate female Elf and his father wasn an unknown rover. His litter-mates were Bagpus(VZZM0??), Pootle(VZZ?0??), Maya(VZZF0??) and Lucy Liu(VZZF0??). This was Elf's only surviving litter. Dominant femaleand his grandmother Bettik was not pregnant at the time, so she allowed the pups to live. At the time the group only had three adults and three sub-adults, but all five pups survived their first month. Despite the odds, the suborinate litter survived, probably due to the timing of their birth in the raining season. When Bettik became pregnant, she evicted Mr. Ben's mother Elf who depsite trying to rejoin the group several times, Elf was Last Seen around the beginning of September. Mr. Ben and his siblings reached their first birthday in February 2004 and shortly afterwards Bettik gave birth to a new litter. By this time Mr. Ben was able to help out with the group and babysitting, but he also took to roving. In late February, his sister Maya became pregnant, but she aborted in March. Things settled down for several months, until February 2003 when Pootle was discovered run over on the main road. Both Maya and Lucy Liu were Last Seen after having been evicted in September leaving just Mr. Ben and his brother Bagpus. A week later Mr. Ben was seen roving at the Young Ones with his brother. Unlike his brother Bagpus, who was Last Seen following his appearance at the Young Ones, Mr. Ben was seen again. He appeared at the Whiskers and was seen leaving the group with Mozart. This was the only known encounter between a Zappa and Whiskers individual. He would not be observed again and was last seen on October 27, 2003.


Zappa Mob

Elf Elveera

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