Mozart Whiskers

Mozart Whiskers

Date of Birth
November 8, 2002
Date of Death
April 16, 2007
Cause of Death
Bobby, Pantouffle, Stinker and possibly Mr. Ben and JD
Known For
A founder of the Starsky
Also Known As
Flower's second-oldest daughter


Mozart(VWF053) was born on the November 8, 2002 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Flower and her father was Zaphod, who were the dominant couple at the time. Mozart was born with three other litter-mates. Her three litter-mates were brothers called Einstein(VWM052), Freud(VWM051) and Shakespeare(VWM054). They were the second surviving litter of Flower in the Whiskers. Mozart's brother Freud disappeared while roving on March 18, 2003, but the rest of the litter survived to adulthood. Mozart and her older sister Baddiel became regular babysitters for Flower's pups. In October 2003 Mozart attracted the attention of a rover for the first time. She was seen wandering off with a Zappa roving male named Mr. Ben. She did not fall pregnant to him. She fell pregnant for the first time in early 2004. She gave birth, but her pups were abandoned on March 26, 2004. Mozart was seen pregnant again in April 2004 along with her mother Flower. However they both aborted their litters. On August 18, 2004, Mozart, her sister Baddiel and her mother Flower were all pregnant. Flower was the first to give birth to her sixth litter of four pups on September 6, 2004, so there was a risk that her pups could be killed by pregnant Mozart and Baddiel, but neither killed Flower's pups. Mozart then gave birth to her first surviving litter of four pups on September 28, 2004. The litter consisted of Tina Sparkle, Spud, VWF077 and VWM079. Baddiel was next to give birth to her litter of three pups VWM082, Jogu and Maladoy. Their litters all lived in the same burrow as Flower's pups. Yossarian, Mozart's uncle, then instigated a burrow move and brought Mozart and Baddiel's young pups above ground. Shakespeare, Mozart's only remaining litter-mate brother, and Pookie then carried the pups back down below ground. Within a few days, Youssarian started the burrow move again. This time the young babysitters at the burrow followed his lead and carried the pups towards a new burrow.
Mozart & Shakesphere sub-adults

Mozart and Shakespeare

In the confusion, one of Mozart's pups was dropped and abandoned by the group. Mozart's son VWM079 and Baddiel's son VWM082 disappeared on October 2, 2004. After an encounter with the Gattaca, Mozart mated with Stinker but she never produced a litter. On November 17, 2004 Mozart was evicted from the Whiskers group by her mother Flower for being pregnant. Mozart aborted her litter. After Flower gave birth, Mozart was allowed back in the group. At this time the Whiskers split into two groups. Flower, Mozart, Zaphod, Mitch, Pozzo and pups Ningaloo and Machu Pichu made up one part of the split while the rest of the members made up the other half. Mozart's younger sister Super Furry Animal and Yossarian took dominance of the splinter group, but Baddiel joined the splinter group and took dominance away from Super Furry Animal. After the Whiskers group reunited, Baddiel was evicted from the Whiskers and disappeared. Mozart's brother Shakespeare disappeared on March 11, 2005 after defeating Flower's pups from the Lazuli. With his disappearance, Mozart was the last member of her litter still in the group. Mozart was evicted by Flower again on August 17, 2005 but rejoined the group. Mozart was seen pregnant again on January 15, 2007. She gave birth to her second surviving litter on February 24, 2006. The litter consisted of Wollow, Miss Lily The Pink, Karim and Ju Drop. Flower allowed the pups to survived. On July 25, 2006, Mozart was evicted along with her sisters Kinkaju, Armanita Ditch, Super Furry Animal and Monkulus. Their niece De La Soul was also evicted a little later. Monkulus and Super Furry Animal made it back into the Whiskers, but Mozart and the others never returned.



Mozart in the Starsky

The four evicted Whiskers females stayed together and teamed up with two Lazuli males and one Young Ones male. They formed a new mob called the Starsky. The Starsky group established a small territory and were disadvantaged against other larger groups due to their small size. Within the group, the position of dominant male was taken by JD. The position of dominant female could have been taken by Mozart, since she was the oldest female in the group, but her younger half sister Kinkaju also aimed to become dominant female. Both females were pregnant. Mozart was the first to give birth, but Kinkaju killed Mozart's newborn pups and, in doing so, assumed dominance. After a while tuberculosis hit the group. JD died first followed by Armanita Ditch and Shady. Shoy later disappeared and was assumed predated, leaving only Kinkaju, Mozart and De La Soul.  The trio crossed into a rival group's territory known as the Vivian and were chased off by the group. De La Soul later died of TB, followed by Kinkaju who died of starvation, leaving just Mozart. Mozart tried to rejoin the Whiskers, but the mob chased her off. Mozart was radio collared so that she could be tracked. However she disappeared on April 14, 2007. Two days later her remains and her radio collar were discovered, it was believed she had been killed by a bird of prey.

Meerkat Manor

Season 1

Mozart was featured on Meerkat Manor as a caring daughter of Flower.  
Mozart, Flo, Kim and Rose

Mozart nursing Parsley, Basil, and Rose

Throughout the series Mozart was among the Whiskers primary babysitters and targets for roving males. In season one she helped look after her brother Shakespeare along with Tosca(Baddiel). But Mozart and Baddiel broke meerkat law by both falling pregnant and giving birth to pups. Amazingly, Flower allowed both litters to live. However, both Mozart and Tosca were evicted for their insubordination. After rejoining the family Mozart mated with a roving male Carlos(Bobby). By the end of the season she was still within the Whiskers. 

Season 2

In the second season of Meerkat Manor Mozart had become the oldest female in the group and was Flower's biggest threat. She mated with a roving male, Sonheim(Stinker), and was evicted from the group for the majority of the season. Mozart eventually fell pregnant (though not to Stinker) and gave birth. Sadly, her pups were abandoned by the group and later killed by the Commandos(Vivian). At the end of the season Mozart was still alone.

Season 3

MM3-3 Mozart Pregnant sunset

Mozart in season 3

In season 3 Mozart was seen in a new group called Starsky. The group's dominant male was Carlos(JD) but the position of dominant female was in question. Mozart and Kinkaju who were both pregnant competed for the position. However Mozart, in spite being older, failed to subdue her opponent. Kinkaju killed Mozart's pups and assumed dominance. Due to their small size the group struggled to survive. One by one the members fell until only Mozart, Kinkaju and Whoopie(De La Soul) were left. The females went roving at the Commandos(Vivian) but were chased off. Whoopie was caught by the rival gang and killed. Following this Kinkaju died of the cold and starvation, leaving Mozart all alone. On the show a roving male named Wilson joined up with Mozart until her death, however their story was fabricated. It's unknown which meerkats played as Wilson and Mozart during those scenes. The dead meerkat shown at the end of The Graduate was not the real Mozart, but an unknown meerkat. It was falsely said that she had been killed by a jackal.

Ella, A Meerkat's Tale

Mozart acted as a stand in for the main character of the 2005 documentary, Ella A Meerkat's Tale. She was seen feeding Flower's (also known as Lady Day) pups and babysitting Jango(Jogu) and Max(Maladoy), and was stated as being the character, Ella, whom was mostly played by Mozart's sister, Baddiel.

Mozart as Ella


First Litter born on September 27, 2004 fathered by Pantouffle

Tina Sparkle (VWF076) Last Seen, joined the Hoax but disappeared on December 19, 2007.

Spud (VWM078) Last Seen, disappeared while roving on June 22, 2007.

VWF077 Deceased, died on November 2, 2004 after being abandon during the burrow move.

VWM079 Last Seen, probably was predated on October 20, 2004.

Second Litter born on February 24, 2006 fathered by Bobby

Wollow (VWM105) Last Seen, was the dominant male of the Lazuli until he was overthrown.

Miss Lilly The Pink(VWF106) Deceased, was the third dominant female of the Toyota

Ju Drop (VWF106) Last Seen, second dominant female of the Toyota

Karim (VWM108) Deceased, joined the Commandos and died of TB.


Whiskers Mob

Starsky Mob