Morgause Avatar

Morgause and Sprite

Yes, formerly of the Young Ones
First Seen
January 24, 1994
Date of Death
February 8, 2004-Last Seen.
Venus and prehaps VAM002, the dominate male.
Possible Litter-Mate
Igraine and four other pups
Known for
Second oldest KMP female meerkat. Also the second most productive and longest serving dominate female.
Also Known As
One of the Famous Avatar Sisters . Holly's mother Flower's grandmother


Morgause(VAF005) was First Seen on January 24, 1994 in a wild group called the Avatar Mob. Her mother was Venus (VAF001), the dominate female and her father may have been VAM002, the dominant male. Morgause was born into a large litter of six. . The Avatar only existed for around year and the group was lost after the dominant female and dominate male were lost. All the males left to go roving, leaving only four females. They were Ziziphus, Morgause, Lazuli and Igraine, otherwise known as the Legendary Avatar Sisters. The four sisters did not stay together long. Instead of remianing united, the sisters split up in pairs to join different unrelated males. Lazuli and Ziziphus went and formed the Lazuli Mob, where they both took thier turns at being the dominate female. Morgause stayed with her sister Igraine and it wasn't long before they joined two Drie Doring rovers. The males stayed with the females and formed a new group known as the Young Ones.

Young Ones

As the group started out, there was no clear dominant couple. Morgause mated with Arah in the confusion of no dominant pair. Her sister Igraine also mated with one of the Drie Doring males. Keros established himself as the dominant male over Arah. Igraine then gave birth to a litter of four pups before Moragsue. The pups were Jubulani, VYF002, VYF003 and VYF004. During this time, Morgause established herself as the dominant female. She allowed the pups to survive. She soon gave birth to the second litter of pups born in the Young Ones. The litter consisted of three pups, one of the pup's name was Stinker. He later would join the Vivian Mob and became their long-term dominant male. Throughout the next few years, Morgause and Keros continued to raise multiple litters of Young Ones pups. Each time Morgause got pregnant, she likely evicted her sister Igraine and her nieces, Jubulani, VYF002, VYF003 and VYF004.

Morgause kept producing litters in her long reign as the dominant female. In 1998, she evicted her daughters, nieces and sister but most of the female rejoined the group. Holly, Brambles, VYF010 and Piglet left the group to form the famous Whiskers with Lazuli males and a juvenile wild male. In 1999, Morgause evicted her sister Irgaine and her nieces Jubulani, VYF003 and VYF004 who left the group and formed the Frisky Mob with wild males. On November 11, 1999 Morgause gave birth to Mary-Ellan, John Boy, Jim Bob and Douglas. Jim Bob and Dougals would later leave the Young Ones in 2001 along with a few other sons of Moraguse. Jim Bob became the long-term dominant male of the Vivian and one of her last living sons before he died in April 2007. Morgause gave birth to a new litter on October 8, 2000, one of the pups was Aragorn. He later take dominance of the Young Ones after Keros died, but would later leave to form the famous Commandos. On Novemnber 23, 2001 Morgause gave birth to Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and another male pup who died on March 10, 2002. This was the last litter she had fathered by Keros. He died and the Young Ones were left with natal dominant males Aragorn and Jim Bob.

Finally, in 2002, a pair of Elveera rovers named Sprite and Goblin joined the group and fought long and hard to become the dominate male. Although Goblin was heavier and stronger than Sprite, he lost and later left the Young Ones. Sprite won the position as the new domiante male and Morgause accepted him as her mate. Morgause gave birth on May 5 2002 to Alchemilli, Leo and Eddie; thier first surviving litter. On Septmeber 15, 2002, Morgause gave birth to Ivory, Shakti and Veda. Her next litter came on November 29, 2002 when she gave birth to Khoik Khlo, Zulu, Venda, Ndebele and Mia Moya. Morgause was getting older and started to produce less litters. She also lost some of her litters to her daughters, whom had come of age to raise their own pups. Dispite having a weaker hold on breeding rights, Morgause maintained her dominant position. Her last litter was born on December 7, 2003 when she gave birth to Grog and Spaff. Morgause was dominant until 2004, when she disappeared. Morgause was very pregnant as well as toothless when she disappeared on February 18, 2004. She probably was predated by a bird of prey like most Last Seen meerkats are. Her daughter, Veda succeeded her as the dominant female.

Morgause is the second dominant female to hold a long serving alpha position. She is beaten by Mabili, the 10 year dominant female of the Drie Doring. She places in front of Grumpy Lazuli, who was the eight-year serving Moomins dominate female. These three females were also the three oldest KMP female meerkats. Morgause was the second most productive leader, again placing just behind Mabili, who had 85 pups in all, 79 of which survived to adulthood. Morgause herself had 69 pups in her lifetime.


Morgause's oldest son, Stinker, became the long term dominate male of the Vivian, as well as being the dominate male of the Gattaca Mob and Balrog. His littermate, Morris Young Ones, may have become a dominate in the Nemisis as well as the X-iles Mob. Her eldest daughter Holly Young Ones became the first dominate female of the notorious Whiskers family. Either Pooh or Roo took over as the dominate female of the Umbongo Mob. Her son Pippin became the long term dominate male of the Frisky group as well as being the most famous rover with over 500 entries. Jim Bob became the long term dominate male of the Vivian beside his partner Rhian. Jim Bob's littermate brother Douglas Young Ones, dispite not being a dominate male, was also famous due to his part in playing Ozzie on Meerkat Manor. Her son Aragorn became the first dominate male of the Commandos mob. Her daughter Veda took over as the dominant female of the Young Ones, despite not being the oldest female. However, Veda only reigned for a few months before she died on August 17, 2004. Morgause and Keros' last daughter, Asterix, took dominance for three years untill her death in late 2007. Her last son, Grog, became famous for hsi part in playing a roving meerkat named Grog on Meerkat Manor. Her blood runs in the Aztecs, Whiskers, Kung Fu, Sequoia and JaXX just to name a few. Some Young Ones males emigrated into the wild Abba so some wild groups have her blood as well. Morgause was the grandmother of the Queen of the Kalahari, Flower, the daughter of Holly.


Morgause had over 60 pups. She is the second most sucessful mother next to Mabili Drie Doring.

March 20, 1996-Stinker, Morris, VYF006 and VYM007

December 11, 1996-Holly, VYF010 and Brambles

February 1997- Piglet, Pooh, Eeyore, Roo and VYM015

August 1997-Durnik and VYM018

November 1997-Pippin, VYF020, VYF021, Poppy

January 1998-Muppet, Dorf, Hunca Munca

May 1998-one male pup....

July 1998-Venus, Javis and Merlin

October 1998-Darwin, Presephon, one female pup and one male pup.

January 1999-Biko, Frodo and Merkina

August 1999-John Boy, Jason, Jim Bob, Mary Ellen, Douglas

July 2000-Tom and Jerry

October 2000-Elrond, Aragorn, Arwen and Faramir

March 2001-Jaxta, Lil Foot, Marnpar and Nanty Walsha

September 2001-Commodus, Maximus and Katinha

November 2001-Asterix, Getafix and Obelix

May 2002-Alchemilla, Eddi and Leo

September 2002-Ivory, Shakti and Veda

November 2002-Zulu, Khoi Khoi, Venda, Maia Maya and Ndebele

December 2003-Grog and Spaff


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