Montgomery (VWMM027) was born September 8, 2000 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Holly and his father was Argon, the dominant pair of the Whiskers at the time. Montgmery was borth with two litter-mates, a brother named Mr. Burns(VWM028) and a sister named Smithers(VWF029). Mountgomery was part of the Whisker's sevenst litter and named after a character on the Simpsons, just like his brother and sister. They were Holly's last litter. She died on Spetember 18, 2000, only a eleven days after the pups were born. The eldest females took care of the litter however after the pups emegred Montgomery was predated on September 25, 2000. Smithers remained much weaker than Mr. Burns for a long time, yet both survived to adulthood.


Whiskers Mob

Mr. Burns Whiskers

Smithers Whiskers

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