Monsoon Moon
Wild, JaXX and Chuckle Brothers
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Date of Birth
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Date of Death
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Cause of Death
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Known For
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Also Known As
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Monsoon Moon was a wild meerkat from a wild group. He grew up in a wild group and roved his way to other groups. During mid 2007 to 2008, he and another rover, Vince left the wild group to rove at other groups. They soon met a small group formed by Lazuli females and a Hoax male. The group was called the JaXX. Monsoon Moon and Vince joined the group which was led by Lazuli female Diana and Hoax male Sid Vicious. After the two males joined the group, Vince took the position of dominant male away from Sid Vicious. Sid Vicious left the group and joined Sequoia then Pretenders. Monsoon Moon left the group to rove but returned to JaXX. Vince, Spike and Boost disappeared from the group.

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