Moliere Aztecs


Formerly of the Aztecs
Date of Birth
August 17, 2008
Date of Death
November 7, 2012
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Monkulus and unknown
Known For
Taking dominance after Zaphod
Also Known As
Third Dominant Male of the Aztecs
Moliere(VAZM008) was born in the Aztecs on August 17, 2008. His mother was Monkulus and his father was an unknown rover, possibly Bruce. He was seen roving at the Aztecs during that time however an unknown male and a wild male also visited the group. His litter-mates were his two brothers named Dali(VAZM005) and Darwin(VAZM006) and one sister named Mimi(VAZF007). They were the second litter born in the Aztecs. A year before Monkulus gave birth to Marmite, Tofu, Abaca and Piglet. At the time of Moliere's birth, the dominant male Zaphod who was Monkulus's uncle. He was the former dominant male of the Whiskers. In November Monkulus gave birth to three new pups. The all the pups made it to adulthood. Their older sisters Tofu and Abaca both disappeared. His brothers Darwin and Dali had taken to roving and are out with their uncle Alonzo Mourning. Mimi started to be evicted after she started mating with rovers. Moliere also soon started to rove, a few months after his litter-mate brothers had. He and his brothers and uncle were often seen at the Baobab and Van Helsing as rovers, but they proberly visited near by wild groups. In late 2010, Alonzo Mourning, Marmite, Piglet and Darwin left the group to join wild females. Not long Monkulus evicted Squig, Burdock, Mimi and Proteus who also left the group. Sadly, on March 4, 2011 Zaphod passed away. For awhile none of the natal-residant males seemed interested in taking dominces. The two oldest males still in the group were Dali and Moliere so most likely one of them would be the next dominant male. After several months of no clear dominant male and with no rovers able to join the group Moliere was forced to take the role Zaphod once held. Moliere remained the dominant male for two years and a half. He often took to roving. In June 2012, Moliere's brother Dali left the group but soon rejoined and left the group again in July for good. Moliere was the last

Moliere in late 2012

of his litter in thr Aztecs. In October 2012, Moliere went roving with his younger brothers Mr. Ellie, Mr. Cat, General Big Daddy, Aurora and Trinity. The visited the Pandora Mob, however the females of the mob were actually Moliere's younger sisters so none of the males could mate with them. They visisted the mob again in Novemeber and were absent in December. During the males absence a group of Sequoia males had joined the Aztecs. Moliere's roving coalition was seen still roving around the Kalahari. Sadly, all but Mr. Cat left the population and were Last Seen in November 2012.


Aztecs Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

Dali Aztecs

Darwin Aztecs

Mimi Aztecs

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