Mohandas(VGZF004) was First Seen in the Godzilla Mob in October 2010. She was a surbordinate females, her parents were probaly the previous dominant pair. The dominant female was later discovered to be Pancake and the dominant male was Fantastic Mr. Fox. Mohandas lived her early life in the Godzilla helping out around the mob like any good suborinate. In August 2011, Mohandas was evicted along with four other females. The evicted females trailed the group hoping to rejoin, however before they could return to the group, the females soon met up with a group of Toyota rovers. The males stayed with the females and soon a wild male joined them.


The group was collared and following, given the name Yardies. The Toyota males had been infected with TB and the two oldest males soon died, so the wild male named Scarface became the dominant male. All the Godzilla females were pregnant and competed for dominance. In September Mohandas and another female named Protea gave birth but they lost their litters. The other three females aborted their litters and VGZF001, VGZF002, and VGZF005 were evicted by Mohandas and Protea. VGZF001 was absent at the end of the month and disappeared. It seem that either Mohandas or Protea would take dominance. However the following month all the females had evicted each other and VGZF002 rejoined the Godzilla. The females did not return to the group and the males kept on roving. Mahandas and the other females were considered Last Seen in October 2011. It is unknown what became of the female but they may have become infected with disease.


Godzilla Mob

Yardies Mob

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