Mohammed Drie Doring


Mohammed(VDM151) was born on December 9, 2010, in the Drie Doring. His mother was Mist, and his father was a rover named Bramely from the Frisky. His litter-mates were Lucifer(VDM152), Jesus Christ(VDF150), and VDP153. His sibling VDP153 was predated the next month when the pups started to forage with the adults. His brother Lucifer was born with orange fur instead of the Kalahari sandy fur which made him very unique and vulnerable to predators. Sadly, in March 2011, it was Mohammed's sister Jesus Christ who was assumed predated when she disappeared after a predator attacked. Both Mohammed and Lucifer reached their first birthday and became adults. In March 2012, his brother Lucifer disappeared, leaving Mohammed as the sole survivor of their litter. In October 2012, Mohammed went roving for the first time with the older males in the group. Due to the ongoing drought, Mohammed reframed from roving for the next several months. Mohammed remained in the Drie Doring for another year before he took to roving with several of the other males; in their absence, several wild males joined the group. In October 2013, Mohammed went roving with three other males, including the natal dominant male Captain Planet. Together, they left the group for good. They were all Last Seen that month.


Drie Doring Mob

Lucifer Drie Doring

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