Toft, Picasso and Misable

Toft (left), Picasso (center) and Misable (right).

Misable and Frida

A dominance assertion with Misable (mark on left hip) and Frida bowing up and Sexi Plexi behind them.

Misable(VMMF017) was born on July 6, 2004 into the Moomins. Her mother was dominant female Grumpy and her father was Burgan, while her three siblings consisted of MymbleGrandpa Grumble and Toft. Misable and her litter-mates all survived to adulthood. During the November of 2007 the group split, leaving the main mob with six females: leader Grumpy, Misable, Hemulen, Regopstaan, Frida and Little My. The splinter group failed to reunite with the main mob, and in November four wild males joined the six females. These males were Leonardo, Donatello, Michalangelo and Rafael, and out of the four males, Leonardo assumed male dominance. Frida gave birth to five pups that month, and in January she bore four pups, and Little My and Houdini (an ex-Hoax male) disappeared. Many pregnancies occurred from January to March, including Grumpy, Hemulen, Regopstaan, Sexi Plexi, Misable and Frida, but each and every female lost their litters. Frida and Grumpy soon became pregnant again, however, and Grumpy bore a litter of six. By April of 2008, Hemulen took over as dominant female of the group. Donatello died in May, and the beloved Grumpy died from disease in June. Sadly that same month, Misable, Frida and Regopstaan were all absent from the group at the month's end and considered Last Seen.

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