(VWM138) was born into the Whiskers Mob on January 4, 2009. His mother was Ella and his father was Thundercat, the mob's dominant couple at the time. Mimaji was born with three other brothers Marxxs(VWM136), VWM137 and Pitio(VWM139). All four pups survive their first weeks and began to go foraging with the the group. In April 2009, VWM137 disappeared and was assumed as predated. For the next eight months, Mimaji and his three remaining brothers were the youngest members of the Whiskers. Finally Ella gave birth to a new litter, however Mimaji wasn't yet old enough to help out much with the new pups. A few months later Mimaji and his remaining litter-mates brothers reach their firth birthday. As an adult Mimaji was also a good sentry guard and babysitter. He was often seen with the pups or on guard post soon after the pups would emerg or go out foragingMimaji became one of the oldest males and was often seen roving at other groups, mostly the Kung Fu, Sequoia and Toyota. It is unknown if he fathered any pups yet. . In June his mother Ella lost dominance and Mimaji's older sister Enili became the new dominant female. Mimaji lived in the Whiskers for almost three years. Mimaji sadly died in December, 2011 along with Dromar The Banisher and Mr. Shankly when all three males were hit by a car on the main road.


Whiskers Mob

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