Millie JaXX

Millie JaXX 2

Date of Birth
May 11,2008
Date of Death
September 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Papillon and Unknown Rover
Known For
First born female in JaXX

Millie(VJXF002) was born on May 11, 2008 in the JaXX. Her mother was Papillon and her father was probably Sid Vicious. Millie was born with one litter-mate brother named Spike(VJXM001). Her mother was not the dominant female but another Lazuli female named Diana.  Sid Vicious became the dominant male, being the only adult male in the group. It was likely Papillon had killed Diana's litter to birth her own. Then in June, the five were joined by two wild males named Vince and Monsoon Moon. Vince took dominance away from Sid Vicious. In August Diana gave birth to four pups however one of the pups was predated. Millie was too young to help out with the pups but at the age of three months, she was becoming more independed each day.  In March 2009, Diana, Papillon and Millie all became pregnant even though Millie was only ten months old. Both Millie and Diana both lost their litter and Papillon was evicted. Millie and her brother Spike survived through their first year without much event after that. Now as an adult female Millie was expected to help out with the pups and keep a guard post from time to time. She soon took an interest in the rovers that visited the JaXX and started to be evicted by Diana. Spike started to go roving and in April 2009 Spike disappeared with two other males including Vince. One of Diana's sons named Kori became the new dominant male Millie's mother Papillon soon disappeare in mid 2009 leaving Mille as the oldest female under Diana. Whenever Diana was pregnant Millie was the first to be evicted and forced to living on the edge of group. In September 2010 Millie was Last Seen after being evicted.


JaXX Mob

Papillon Lazuli

Spike JaXX

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