Miller(VSQM027) was born on August 2010 in the Sequoia Mob. His mother was Benzedrine and his father was Bruce. His litter-mates were VSQP024, VSQP025, Dutch(VSQM026). Miller and his litter-mates survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sadly VSQP025 was soon predated in September and VSQP024 was predated in October. Millier and his brother survived to adulthood. They soon started to rove with the older males. In November there was a group split, Miller and some of the meerkats were in the splint, however all the adult males returned to the group including Miller. The rest of the splinter group meerkats later formed the Hooligans. Miller started to help out with babysitting and sentry duties.


In May 2012 the group split again to form the Überkatz Mob. Both Miller and his brother Dutch were in the splinter with their father Bruce. They stayed int he splinter for a month then took to roving.

Sausage Factory


Miller on sentry

All the adult males left the group but one forming a roving coalition called the Sausage Factory Mob. Bruce led the group of rovers and they visited the Aztecs. Then they were met up by an evicted Sequoai female named Hab before rejoining the Sequoia. When the rovers rejoined the Sequoia, they kicked out two Aztecs males who had joined the group in their absence. Millier's mother Benzedrine had been injured and RU had taken dominance. Miller stayed in the Sequoia, helping out with the new pups and roving from time to time. In September 2012 Dutch was considered Last Seen after taking to roving leaving Millier as the last of his litter still in the Sequoia. Miller stayed in the Sequoia and conitued to rove more frequent since there were hardly any pups born.

Salami Factory

In July 2013 all the Sequoia males had taken to roving and found themselves kicked out of their mob by new males. The males were able to be tracked thanks to Bruce's radio collar and the roving coalition was called the Salami Factory Mob. Like the Saugae Factory the Salami Factory was short-lived and the males were lost after Bruce was predated. Miller and the remaining males were Last Seen in September 2013. It is unknown at this time what happened to him.


Sequoia Mob

Sausage Factory Mob

Überkatz Mob

Salami Factory Mob

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