Milla(VZZF056) was born on August 12, 2006, in the Zappa MobHer mother was Lola, the dominant female, and her father was thought to be Glufs, the dominant male. Her litter mates were Dirty Harry(VZZM054), Katesa(VZZF057) and Kamakazi(VZZP055). Milla and her siblings were the first pups Lola ever had. Kamakazi sadly died at only a month old, but Milla, Katesa and Dirty Harry survived to adulthood. In July 2007 Lola was bitten by a snake on her side. She survived but in her weakened state she was overthrown by her sister Punk. Lola was eventually evicted by Punk and disappeared in December 2007. In February 2008 Milla and Katesa were both pregnant for the first time. Katesa lost her litter while Milla gave birth to VZZP064, VZZM065, VZZP066 and VZZP067. VZZM065 was sadly lost a month later. In July 2008 dominant female Punk fell pregnant and evicted Milla from the group. In August 2008 she returned to the Zappa. That same month Punk was predated and Milla became the new dominant female. She quickly fell pregnant but ended up aborting her litter. Milla's reign was sadly short. In November 2008 she was Last Seen after suffering from a suspected snake bite, leaving her sister Katesa to become the next dominant female. However, Katesa and the rest of the Zappa all disappeared after they left the monitoring area in December 2008.


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