(VMMM045) was first seen on 31 October 2007 with Leonardo, Donatello and Rafael. The males then joined the Moomins and Leonardo took dominance. He roved the most out of all the males. He might have fathered some litters at the Aztecs. He roved their often and Monkulus gave birth to a litter two months after he roved there. Only DNA testing can comfirm this. After his roving partner Rafael was last seen in February 2008. Michelangelo kept on roving. Michelangelo has visit the Baobab a lot of times he could be the father of some of their litters. In December 2008 he went to the Aztecs and he could be the father one of Monkulus litters. In April 2009 when Grumpy lost her dominance to her daughter Hemulen, but Michelangelo couldn't win dominance so he went to visit the Baobab group. Michelangelo was by then the top rover of the Moomins group. In July when Grumpy died, Michelangelo went roving five times. He visited the Aztecs twice and visited the Baobab three times. In July Michelangelo visited the Aztecs and Baobab once. In August 2009 Michelangelo went roving at the Aztecs and the Baobab. In December 2009 Michelangelo was Last Seen in probably finally joined a wild group.


Moomins Mob

Leonardo Moomins

Rafael Moomins

Donatello Moomins

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