White meerkat 05 by meerkat gal-d5w9ak0

Michael Jackson aka Snowy

Michael Jackson (also known as Snowy) is a captive meerkat at Adelaide Zoo, nicknamed for her rare condition which turned her fur completely white. Her skin de-pigmentation was the first case seen in captive meerkats. Michael Jackson was born a normal-coloured meerkat but her coat changed to white, beginning with the rings around her eyes, from her condition in late 2012. The cause of the skin de-pigmentation is unknown, but there have so far been no negative effects from it. Michael Jackson is still alive and living at Adelaide Zoo today. In 2016 the zoo publicly announced her name as Snowy and referred to her mob as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" as she shared her enclosure with seven other meerkats.



Lucifer Drie Doring

Patch Drie Doring

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