Mi Julie(VWF035) was born into the Whiskers on January 19, 2000. Her mother was Artemis. She had one brother named Dangerous Dave(VWM034) and one sister named Rydapuni(VWF033). Mi Julie had one older sister named Ugly Pup. Artemis died on June 23, 2001. Shortly after, Smithers, Ugly Pup, Rydapuni, and Mi Julie were evicted by Flower. The females met with with some wild males while evicted.


They stayed together and formed the Asphodel group. Mi Julie was one of the youngest females, so she didn't try to take dominance. The Asphodel had one litter but all the pups were killed by the Whiskers. The males soon left the group. Mi Julie died on October 28, 2002.

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